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sunsetxcocktail's Journal

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The journal of Heather, a 20 something office worker, who is RPG obssessed and probably watches way too much TV. This journal will include my ramblings on my RPGs, characters, plots, postings lists, potential characters. As well as my various obssessions, fandom squees, many a meme, TV musings, rants and babbles, and my life in general.

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I'm happy to add new people, as long as we've got some interests in common.
angels and demons, arnold rimmer, benjamin sisko, blair waldorf, bob dylan, bob the skutter, bones, bratz, buffy, californication, captain jack harkness, captain janeway, captain jean-luc picard, cartman, charlie brown, charmed, children of the corn, christine feehan, cradle of filth, csi, csi miami, csi new york, da vinci code, daleks, dark angel, dark phoenix, dark visions, dave lister, dean/castiel, deathly hallows, desperate housewives, dr. who, dresden files, elvis, emma frost, evita, family guy, fantasy, flying monkies, foreign films, fox mulder, frasier, friday night lights, fringe, glee, gossip girl, goth culture, grease, grey's anatomy, harry potter, heroes, high school musical, hilarie burton, hiro, horror movies, ipod, itunes, jadzia dax, jean grey, jeri ryan, jessica alba, john travolta, johnny cash, julie benz, june carter, kelley armstrong, keyboards, kim harrison, kingdom hospital, kryten, law and order, leighton meester, lilith saintcrow, lj smith, lost, luna lovegood, madonna, major kira, marilyn manson, misha collins, mr. flibble, mystique, nana visitor, ncis, neville longbottom, night world, odo, olivia newton-john, one tree hill, paige halliwell, paris hilton, peanuts cartoon, peyton sawyer, phantom of the opera, pizza, pullip, quiddich, rachel bilson, red dwarf, red wine, rob lowe, rose mcgowen, rpgs, ruby slippers, sarah mclachlan, school of rock, scrubs, seven of nine, she-ra, shoes, simpsons, six feet under, smallville, snoopy, snoopy come home, southpark, spock, star trek, star trek enterprise, star trek next generation, star trek voyager, star wars, stephen king, supernatural, syltherin, taylor momsen, the dark knight, the great pumpkin, the it girl, the joker, the notebook, the o.c., the pretty reckles, the sopranos, thea gilmore, torchwood, tv, ugly betty, urban fantasy, vampire diaries, veronica mars, will and grace, wizard of oz, x files, x-men